Sell Like a Champ

Mindsets Toolsets and Skillsets for Peak Performance in Sales

Sales Champs Produce 5X to 10X What Others Produce

Sell Like a Champ can be delivered as a keynote message, workshop, distance, group or on-demand blended learning format. This enables Springboard Consulting to service Fortune 500 clients and individual sales professionals with a cost effective custom design to fit their needs.

Blended learning can include live interactions, peer learning, and online communities with group coaching support that provides “just in time” access to sales coaching resources and mentors to support developing the mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets for peak performance in sales.

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Sales Culture Engineering

Sales Transformation for the Modern Learner

This 10 week program has proven to improve sales team performance by 25% to 200%!

  • Should you promote your best sales representative to sales manager?
  • Perhaps, but can they replicate their success and build a high performance team?
  • Are you feeling trapped?
  • Worried you will lose money and cause problems if you do or don't promote them?
  • Stop your worrying, gear up for growth, and apply today for Sales Culture Engineering!
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Springboard Your Business

Subscription to Springboard Your Business Monthly Live with Evan Sanchez

Be More Productive and Avoid Costly Mistakes

Springboard Your Business by learning how to be more productive and avoid costly mistakes the can derail any new or growing business. By identifying high gain activities and asking the right strategic questions and the right time, we provide guidepost for the growing company to stay on track for success. Evan Sanchez and the Springboard team can support your business and help to build high performance sales skills and superior customer experiences, as well as Leadership and Culture change management skills that drive success.

Why is this Important?
  • 70-80% of all strategic execution projects fail
  • $30B was spent on strategy consulting in 2016
  • 70-90% fail to deliver - resulting in $25B a year in waste
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Fast, Efficient, Practical Solutions

Springboard Consulting provides fast, efficient, practical solutions that enable your business to navigate its challenges. Our consultants will work with your team with a dedicated focus in the following four areas:

Developing Great Leaders

  • Improving the performance of existing leaders
  • Growing the pipeline of candidates available for leadership positions
  • Defining and sustaining the desired company culture needed for success
  • Improving the retention and engagement of staff

Improving Sales Performance

  • Sales Culture Engineering
  • Sales Management Strategy
  • Process Improvement/Management
  • Capability Development
  • Strategic Selling

Building Effective Teams

  • Accelerating change across organizational boundaries
  • Facilitating creativity, innovation and problem solving
  • Improving employee satisfaction and morale
  • Improving team performance

Enhancing Individual Performance

  • Improving the performance of existing staff
  • Improving staff retention and engagement
  • Increasing innovation across functional and geographic boundaries
  • Sustaining a culture of success
  • Improving health and performance

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