Developing Capability to Grow Existing Accounts and Increase New Business

Most sales managers were successful salespeople before moving into management.

With no real leadership or management training, they were given responsibility for achieving heightened team based goals on the assumption that they could transfer their own intuitive skills to others leading to success.

From this premise, we work with business owners and managers to provide a broad array of support with the following critical tasks:

  1. Increase new business
  2. Grow existing business
  3. Train up or manage out underperformers

The Springboard Consulting approach to sales excellence entails developing leaders in how to establish and sustain a sales driven culture and supporting infrastructure; how to use data to solve problems and make decisions; and how to coach and develop high performance, customer focused sales professionals. Sales leaders will gain capability in the following areas:

  1. Organizational Alignment - Do we agree on strategic priorities and values?
  2. Customer focused sales - How well do our current behaviors support our approach?
  3. Sales Process & System Optimization - Do we know how?
  4. High Performance Sales - How will we make the number?
  5. Talent Management and Development - How do we continue to grow and develop our team?

Each engagement starts with an assessment to determine the organization’s current state in the 5 areas above. The questions can be scaled to engage an entire organization or a targeted group. Based on the assessment results, Springboard consultants work collaboratively with clients to design and implement a customized improvement plan.

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