Bringing Private Equity, Venture Funding, and Entrepreneurs Together

If you are looking for funding, we can assist by introducing you to our network of private equity and venture funding partners. We will work with you to determine the type of funding needed; the best source; the optimal amount required; and the timing.

In concert with these discussions, our funding partners rely on us to assist you in developing skills needed to transition from founder to CEO, which is critical to the success of the business and their investment.

Whether you are ready or not, once you introduce venture capital or private equity dollars into the equation, your investors expect you to act like a CEO. This means demonstrating the confidence and capability to oversee all aspects of the business (people, product, process, financial results) at each stage of business maturity. Based on where you are at on the Founder/CEO capability continuum, we can help you develop the skills needed for success. Basic capabilities required to acquire start-up funding include:

Fit For Funding Development Priorities:

Ownership Focus

  • Convincing others you provide significant value: managing stress and emotion to drive vision; adapting to changing conditions; demonstrating critical thinking capability; and overcoming self-doubt

Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

  • Possessing the drive, capability, and game plan needed to identify, attract, and sell to customers

Cash Management Discipline

  • Funneling cash into the business through enhanced sales activities and expedited account receivable practices while at the same time managing monthly expenses

Enhanced capabilities to acquire funding for expansion include:

Ability to Acquire Business Funding

  • Making choices pertaining to type of funding, source, optimal amount needed, and timing

Strategy Formulation and Execution

  • Determining future product / market choices and emphasis

Process and System Integration

  • Installing processes and systems in functional areas that will facilitate growth

Performance Management

  • Systematically attracting, retaining, and attaining results from employees

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