Aligning People, Processes, Products and Technology to Attain Results

The Springboard Consulting approach is rooted in our belief that effective business performance is attained through strategic focus; financial acumen; business process effectiveness; professional development at all levels; workplace culture; and inspiration – all driven by effective leadership.

Our belief is reinforced by experience in owning, managing and consulting with businesses, large and small, in the areas of operations, service, and sales. Given our belief and practical experience, we provide a broad array of services designed to establish, accelerate and sustain growth. All of our engagements are scaled to meet the needs of our clients and include the phases described below:

Fit For Funding Development Priorities:

Ownership Focus

  • Assess: Identify the current strategic direction, operational effectiveness, people capability, and/or cultural alignment impacting business growth
  • Design: Structure holistic solutions leading to business growth
  • Deliver: Coach, consult, facilitate, and train business owners, managers, and teams to achieve accelerated and sustainable business growth
  • Evaluate: Monitor the effectiveness of growth solutions against pre-determined success criteria

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