How can big data, technology & neuroscience elevate human performance?

Richard Van Camp - Monday, April 18, 2016
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The Conference Board’s CEO Challenge 2016 survey asked over 600 leaders from around the globe to share the most pressing challenges confronting their organizations. Not surprisingly, the ability to attract, retain and attain results from a new generation of diverse workers topped their list. As a result, organizations are rapidly turning to technology, big data, analytics, and neuroscience to increase the quality, reduce the time, and lower the costs associated with talent acquisition, employee development, and performance management.

Technology is influencing all aspects of talent management. In a recent survey conducted by Deloitte LLC, 80% of respondents ranging in age from 20 – 60 indicated that they want to work for a company that is digitally enabled or a digitally focused leader. Workers view technology as the driver of communication, teamwork, and innovation – all factors required for success. Thus, companies that build technology into their critical business processes (including talent management) and value, support, and nurture individual digital proficiency have the upper hand when recruiting, retaining and attaining results from their workers.

The ability to gather, sort, organize and analyze performance related data is transforming how potential employees are recruited; how they are developed; how they are measured; and how they are rewarded. Data mining and analysis helps to efficiently and effectively target and assess top candidates; develop individualized capability development plans and solutions; identify and acknowledge top performers; and provide real time coaching required to improve performance. Additionally, enhanced data capture and analysis enables organizations to establish company, team and individual performance metrics incorporating multiple variables that more accurately reflect desired outcomes.

The application of neuroscience is also changing how talent is acquired, developed and managed. Understanding how the brain processes information is directly impacting how training programs are being designed and delivered. Understanding how the brain reacts to threats and rewards is enabling heightened employee engagement and empowerment. Understanding that multitasking is not a positive, rather a serious negative inhibiting memory, focus, creativity and innovation is causing organizations to rethink how work is assigned and completed. And re-imagining work, specifically how collaboration, motivation, and empowerment enables employees to become more productive, innovative, and happier is elevating organization and individual performance.

Springboard Consulting is pleased to be at the forefront of helping organizations recruit, retain, and attain measurable results through the use of enhanced technology, data, analytics, and neuroscience. Built on 25 years of work in proven clinical science (brain mapping psychology) and business strategy research and implementation, our cloud based system provides a comprehensive suite of talent management solutions to measure, bench, hire, and develop talent to the top 10% performance level. Our use of data and analytics enable the design of individualized solutions for each employee that address causal thinking patterns and and inhibitors impacting performance. The use of neuroscience results in offering learning approaches (training and coaching) that meet the needs of today’s workers and facilitates learning retention. This use of technology increases the transparency and speed of the solutions while at the same time reducing cost while putting money on the top line with improved performance.

As over 600 business leaders have indicated, now is the time to reassess all aspects of talent management. For those organizations capable of stepping up to the challenge, bringing in new tools, techniques, technology and thinking will not only enable them to survive, but to thrive and ultimately dominate their space.

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