Karl Berger

Sales Expert Advisor


  • Transformative sales executive by focusing on people, process, technology and leadership
  • B2B sales expertise with local, national and global organizations
  • Former CEO of a manufacturing experience that assures a focus on accountability, results and organizational alignment
  • Marketing & sales integration that “together” delivers results
  • Development of high performing teams
  • Lead generation


Where Karl Can Help Your Business

  • Design and implement strategic sales & business initiatives
  • Target market, company and buyer persona identification
  • Develop marketing & lead generation processes and results.
  • Sales culture and team development
  • Executive and Sales team coaching and development
  • Hands-on approach focused on sales results


Success Stories

  • As CEO of a “40 year old start-up”, led the organization through a culture, processes and solution changes to enable growth from $4M to $20M in four years with double industry EBITDA
  • Led Americas sales initiative for a European manufacturing entity that required amending the go-to-market message for the US market and rebuilding the sales team. Year two revenue was up over 150%.
  • Successfully rebranded a construction company in a higher margin, higher potential market that required changing the focus from General Contractors to Architects.
  • Supported the exit planning for a Dallas based company by developing a track record in sales and documenting via the Confidential Information memorandum. Resulted in a 30% increase in the company evaluation.
  • Managed sales teams ranging from 1 to 150 sales people and $4M to $2.1B annually.

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