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How We Do It

We prefer a systemic approach to development. A typical assignment structure for one of our business consulting projects may look like this:

  • Preliminary Investigation & Assessment
  • Mission, Vision, Values (Help develop if non-existent)
  • Goals (Help develop if non-existent)
  • Current Business Model
  • Business Strategy and Competitive Environment
  • Key Factors for Success (Critical Success Factors)
  • Key Metrics - financial and non-financial
  • Current Organizational Structure
  • Key Leadership Team
  • Change Management
  • Sales
  • Health & Productivity-Wellness


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Example Change Management

Program Cycle Weeks Content
Phase I - Dependent 1 - 7 Assess, Intro, Company Alignment Performance with Fulfillment, Self Identity, People Selection, Training & Development in Social Styles, and Goal Setting, Mission, Vision, Culture Committee Collaboration
Phase II - Independent 8 - 13 Social Styles in Action, Communication, Define framework for Culture Committee and Execution Toward Achieving Goals
Phase III - Interdependent 14 - 16 Pull Activities Together, Ownership, and Identify Next Growth Opportunities For Culture Committee; Lean/Six Sigma

What We Do

Springboard Consulting will perform a Strategic Performance Assessment using proprietary tools designed to focus on three key factors: Strategy, Design, and Culture. These tools will engage the entire organization through a user-friendly on-line survey that provides the CEO and the key leadership team members with a better understanding of what the leaders and associates in the firm believe to be the "state of the enterprise."

Springboard Consulting will report, explain, and discuss the results of the diagnostic tools with the CEO and key leadership. Focusing on those areas where there are opportunities for improvement. These improvements are typically around, communication, change, conflict, delegation, turnover rate, growth, risk management etc.

Our consultants will conduct a planning session where we facilitate discussions with the key leadership to focus on action plans that target the potential areas for change or improvement.

We will, where appropriate, conduct leadership training and development workshops for each key level in the organization. We typically work with the most senior personnel first, and then move toward that level we refer to as the work leaders in the organization. It is our conviction that this is the level that most influences the daily activities of the organization. When these behaviors are consistent with our perspectives on quality leadership, then the organization can effectively change and improve the performance of the company. Through the resources of our in-house cadre and an affiliate organization, we have access to a broad range of consultants and trainers who can provide added depth and breadth to the learning experiences.

This process suggests that by supporting the training activities with personalized coaching for all levels of organizational leaders, we create a development process rather than a simple event. Coaching has become a useful and often-used support system at the top of many organizations.

Our ongoing efforts would be only as required, but we do commit to return at a specified time to determine if the organizational change that we have facilitated has actually been reinforced and has persisted.

Start Getting Results Like These

[Letter to State Director from Regional Manager]

Bill, At the phone conference on employee satisfaction, you opened the door to contacting you with any of our concerns.

I would like to make the plea to continue the “Culture” training, for at least the next few months. There are eight of us involved in the calls in Pensacola (Q’s, Admin, DSP, RN, House Manager). We all agree that this is the best training that our company has offered/invested in. This is exactly what we have needed to put us on the right track in managing and understanding our staff and ourselves. As you are aware, we historically receive excellent surveys in Pensacola, and our facilities are well maintained. We are all well versed in the day to day requirements and details, and we all care for our residents. BUT, we cannot seem to get along! This training has helped us to understand one another and forced us to look at “what makes the other person tick”.

With Evan’s guidance, we are organizing and defining our purpose, goals, and roles in working with our residents and each other – which will result in an even more successful MENTOR operation, with satisfied and purpose driven staff. Ending this training at the end of the month is too soon. We already know we want more training, and Evan has more to give. We would like the opportunity to meet with Evan every two or three weeks to review our progress and go over stumbling blocks with him. We want to be successful with this. Thanks for listening.

Sally CThe Mentor Network

As a client of Springboard Consulting, I am pleased to offer the following testimonial.

My situation is unique in the fact that seven years ago I underwent multiple bypass heart surgery. After several years of inactivity and a somewhat lazy lifestyle I found myself out of shape and somewhat overweight.

I met Evan approximately two years ago, and after discussing my condition with him, I decided to begin to exercise with his guidance. My first attempt was only half hearted as I chose to do less cardio training than Evan had suggested, we made progress, but not to the level that I expected. At that time we were doing twice a week sessions encompassing weight training along with some abdominal work.

Approximately seven months ago I decided to get serious about improving my health and asked Evan for a new routine. He recommended a change in diet along with a focused core, weight training and cardiovascular exercise. This entire program has the approval from my cardiologist, he suggested that I hold my heart rate down to 130-140 beat per minute level.

In the past four months since beginning this new routine, I have lost 30 pounds and have improved my cardiovascular health many fold. I attribute the majority of my success to the Intuitive Flow program and Evan’s mentorship. He is the motivating force to my continuing progress.”

"What has really impressed me is the one-on-one coaching," Seay said. "Many of our employees who have gone through the training say it’s the best they've had at MetroPCS or anywhere else.

William K. Buster

We will have our retail store managers trained on how to become better coaches for their teams," said Steve Seay, MetroPCS' regional vice president of sales and marketing.

MetroPCS' indirect sales representatives will get training in goal-setting, managing business relationships by identifying social styles and in how to alleviate conflicts. Additionally, the Culture Engineering program will give professional coaching to MetroPCS' upper-level managers.

"What has really impressed me is the one-on-one coaching," Seay said. "Many of our employees who have gone through the training say it’s the best they've had at MetroPCS or anywhere else.

Steve Seay Metro PCS

Evan, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. It was a great feeling to have David say “we did and awesome job.” When he says those things he truly means them.

You are a great teacher and I know you will help many people. I am proud of you and I am truly grateful of our friendship.

Aaron MitchellRock Materials

A few short months ago we were the middle aged, stereotypical professionals caught up in our fast paced lives with little personal time to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Not to mention our bodies were dragging and stamina was fading along with the irregular and wasteful sleep patterns we were experiencing. We decided we had to make some changes in our lives and we could not continue down this road any longer. We had been on diets, we had done the exercise thing, but in each case there was burn out, no follow thru, and no focus. We realized we needed to make a complete change in our lifestyle and we needed some discipline that gave us focus and purpose.

Evan Sanchez’s Intuitive Flow program has been just that for us. His program encompasses a way of balance that completes the physical training. Today, we have more energy, we sleep better, and most of all we are balancing the stress and negative energy by finding more positive energy and focus thanks to this program.

Carolyn & John Platt

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