Increasing Human Performance and Engagement

Organizational Executives now have the tools for sustainable productivity that result in replicating the top 10% of their organization. This is a game changer which provides added value to a company and its shareholders.

Develop Talent
Our scope is comprehensive – from beginning to end; we work alongside our customers to measure, bench, hire, and develop talent to the top 10% level.

Huge ROI
Our game changing SaaS licensing feature deliver solutions that use to take a team of consultants to provide at a fraction of the cost. Our targeted hiring module brings a 200% ROI in Year 1.

Profit & Productivity
Connects HR to finance solutions transforming HR into a profit and productivity improvement center.

Our Primary Difference

Our primary differentiator is that we have identified Key leading indicator performance thinking algorithms and imbedded them into a SaaS Solution. Our tools have been clinically validated and moves human capital development from a “soft skill’ to a quantitative measure of performance that can be benchmarked, improved, and tied to financials improvements.
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Scientifically Proven Methodology and System for Selecting Top Candidates and Improving
Existing Employee Performance Across Every Function of Your Company

The Science

  1. A patented system (SaaS) has been developed that identifies key leading indicators associated with "performance thinking", which can be used to identify
    1. The candidates who have the highest likelihood of success in hiring situations
    2. Specific coaching required for existing employees to increase their performance thinking toward the profile of top performing employees
  2. These clinically proven performance thinking algorithms are imbedded into a SaaS Solution that is used to quickly and easily identify the performance thinking attributes of your top performers.
  3. These tools are validated and EEOC compliant and use in selecting the best candidate for hire.

The Process

  1. Create a "map" of the top performing employees in each function as a reference for:
    1. Hiring new employees in each function
    2. Comparing to existing employees to see where performance thinking "gaps" exist
  2. Implement the mapping algorithm as a part of the hiring process immediately
    1. Ensures you hire only the best candidates for each function - 90% success rate
    2. Identifies top performing talent before you open a resume
    3. Saves 50% recruiting time and costs
    4. Lowers turnover estimated (20% of current turnover)
    5. SaaS licensing to implement recruiting Unlimited use all applicants and employees $2 to $20 price/employee/month. Based on 200% ROI pricing
  3. Determine which organization(s) would create the greatest benefit to the company if they were "performance improved" (i.e. Sales)
    1. Map the non-top 10% employees in the selected function
    2. Compare results of top versus everyone else
    3. Determine coaching needs of the non-top performing employees
    4. Implement coaching process
    5. Carefully monitor performance progress and determine ROI (Return On Investment)
    6. Rank the remaining organizations in terms of performance gaps and leverage to the company, and roll out to the rest of the organization on a carefully constructed schedule/plan.
  4. The cost of implementing the 10Rule process will vary based upon company size/# of employees, and of course the level of coaching required to move non-top performers to achieve top-10% productivity. However, the pricing of each company's implementation is specifically designed to provide a 200% return on investment. Therefore the financial "risk" of proceeding is extremely low.

Trial / Pilot

  1. Entry trial is FREE – Get a read of your top 10% performing talent
    1. Register and in 10 minutes of your top talents time completing a brief online evaluation.
    2. We will provide you with their results FREE
    3. Small Pilot are available for both recruiting top talent and coaching/developing talent at a nominal little risk "can't lose" pricing. Pilot depends on your needs.

*Price may be included in licensing or may vary in volume use